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Highlighting Settings

This option is to highlight the menu items which link to current page you are browsing.

When you browse web site through DHTML menu system, this Highlight function easily guides you which link you are visiting now.

How it works?

When you visit a page, the menu will analyze the current page's URL and all the link URLs of menu items. After the analysis, the menu item(s) will be shown as the highlighted (visited mode) if same link in menu item(s) is found.

Following link types are supported by highlight function:

  • Absolute web path like
  • Root relative path like /product/dhtmlmenu/index.htm
    (Note: This link path can not work locally. Please publish your pages to web server.)
  • Relative path like dhtmlmenu/index.htm or ../index.htm

Note: You'd better not use space or double-byte characters in your link.

How to set?

Click"Global > Highlight".

Auto highlight current item: You should check this option to enable highlight feature.


  • Clear highlighted item's link:
    The link of the highlighted item, which refers to current page, will be removed until you go to another page. And then the link will be added again.
  • Case sensitive when comparing item link:
    Choose this option will make the link case sensitive when comparing the menu item's link with current page's link. This is very useful for UNIX system.
  • Highlight parent menu item:
    This option highlights the parent menu item of highlighted item so as to be clear for navigation.
  • Auto show the highlighted popup menu:
    When choosing this option, it will enable the popup menu which link refers to current page popup and highlight automatically.
    Show all levels:
    Show all of the menu items which link refers to the current page automatically, only the popup menu is highlighted.
    Note: All of the menu items which link refers to the current page are highlighted if you check both "Highlight parent menu item" and "Auto show the highlighted popup menu".
    Show ( ) levels:
    Show defined level number of the parent menu item, which accounts from the first parent menu item that its link refers to current page.
    Note: The defined levels of parent menu item are highlighted if you check both "Highlight parent menu item" and "Auto show the highlighted popup menu".


Highlight items using the following mouse over properties:

You can choose one or more properties that you have set for Mouse Over status to highlight the current page link.

  • Text color: Use the text color of Mouse Over status.
  • Font style and type: Use the font style and type of Mouse Over status.
  • Background color: Use the background color property of Mouse Over status.
  • Background image: Use the background image of Mouse Over status to highlight.
  • Border color: Use the border color of Mouse Over status to highlight.
  • Icon: Use the item icon for Mouse Over status.
  • Image: Use the menu item image for Mouse Over status.