BS EN 55024:2010


Information technology equipment. Immunity characteristics. Limits and methods of measurementBritish-Adopted European Standard / 31-Jan-2011 / 50 pages ISBN: 9780580759895

BS EN 55024:2010 applies to information technology equipment (ITE) as defined inCISPR 22.
The object of BS EN 55024:2010 is to establish requirements that will provide an adequate level ofintrinsic immunity so that the equipment will operate as intended in its environment. Thepublication defines the immunity test requirements for equipment within its scope in relation tocontinuous and transient conducted and radiated disturbances, including electrostaticdischarges (ESD).
Procedures are defined for the measurement of ITE and limits are specified which aredeveloped for ITE within the frequency range from 0 Hz to 400 GHz.
For exceptional environmental conditions, special mitigation measures may be required.
Owing to testing and performance assessment considerations, some tests are specified indefined frequency bands or at selected frequencies. Equipment which fulfils the requirementsat these frequencies is deemed to fulfil the requirements in the entire frequency range from0 Hz to 400 GHz for electromagnetic phenomena.
The test requirements are specified for each port considered.
NOTE 1 Safety considerations are not covered in this publication.
NOTE 2 In special cases, situations will arise where the level of disturbance may exceed the levels specified in this publication, for example where a hand-held transmitter is used in proximity to equipment. In these instances,special mitigation measures may have to be employed.

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Replaces BS EN 55024:1998+A2:2003 which remains current.
Incorporates the following:
Corrigendum, July 2011

Keywords: Telecommunication systems; Data processing; Electromagnetic compatibility; Radio disturbances; Electromagnetic radiation; Electromagnetic fields; Communication equipment; Printing machines; Photocopying machines; Office machines; Facsimile equipment; Local area networks; Cash registers; Vending machines; Computer terminals; Electrical testing; Noise (spurious signals); Performance testing
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