Natural and Enhanced-Natural Purification Processes to Remove Bulk Organics and NutrientsCarlson, Kenneth H.; Brauer, Rod; Zimmerman, Amy; Newton, Rebecca Edition: Vol. - No.
American Water Works Association / 01-Nov-2006 / 20 pages

Meeting water supply needs in the Western U.S. means that many communities areexploring opportunities to make use of all available water supplies. In many regions, "first-use"water supplies are no longer available, or their development represents unacceptableenvironmental impacts. Water utilities are faced with the challenge of improving the reliabilityof their water supply, while protecting public health, and meeting their commitments to theircustomers for high-quality water. Natural purification strategies are an excellent means ofmeeting these commitments, and are cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. This paperfocuses on the capabilities of these natural systems to remove nitrate and organic carbon.In this study, riverbank filtration (RBF) and aquifer recharge and recovery (ARR) areutilized to pre-purify the source water, prior to advanced water treatment in a physical/chemicalwater treatment plant. In this project, the two systems are operated in series; RBF followed byARR. This research focused on the treatment strategy of employing these two technologies inseries for removing nitrate from source water. To accomplish this, both laboratory-scale columnstudies were conducted and a field-scale RBF site was monitored for denitrification. Resultsshowed that RBF treatment effectively removed nitrate year-around, averaging greater than 70%nitrate removal. Column studies suggested that denitrification will continue during ARRtreatment, although a longer treatment interval was required. This result was attributed to thedepletion of the primary electron donor, assimilable organic carbon. Includes 16 references, table, figures.

Keywords: Water Supply; Nitrates; Organic Carbon; Water Treatment; Denitrification; Recharge; Nutrients; Aquifers; Recovery

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