When Your World Changes, What about You Jutila, Dale L. Edition: Vol. - No.
American Water Works Association / 01-Feb-2005 / 5 pages

Utility managers encounter a wide variety of challenges in the course of theirroutine business and over their careers. When the foundations of what youbelieve in come into question, it demands careful and thoughtful considerationbefore deciding what actions to take. A person's conduct during thesechallenging times can have long-lasting effects on self-esteem. Staying true toone's own principles, while being open to change that doesn't violate thoseprinciples, can be extremely effective in guiding one through difficult periods.Every utility manager, including those who are considered to be "at the top" oftheir organizations, has at least one boss, regardless of where we work, we allreport to someone. When the expectations of those for whom we work change,it presents a challenge as to how we will conduct ourselves in the face of a newenvironment. A person's response to these new circumstances can have alarge impact on the interaction, as well as the aftermath that follows asubsequent, inevitable change.This paper is primarily about those who work for someone else in an employeerelationship, although the issues relate similarly to those who work for others ona contractual basis. In the employee-employer relationship, the "boss" could beone person or it can be an appointed or elected governing body.In either case, a working relationship is created at its outset and develops overtime. When the participants mutually enter the relationship, expectations aretypically laid out, and these adjust as the relationship continues. An effectiverelationship is solidly constructed within the team as common goals arepursued.

Keywords: Utilities; Personnel Management; Performance

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