Journal AWWA - Comparing RBF with Bench-Scale Conventional Treatment for Precursor ReductionWeiss, W. Joshua; Bouwer, Edward J.; Ball, William P.; O'Melia, Charles R.; Arora, Harish; Speth, Thomas F. Edition: Vol. 95 - No. 12
American Water Works Association / 01-Dec-2003 / 14 pages

During riverbank filtration (RBF), surface water is subjected toground passage and a combination of physical, chemical,and biological processes (e.g., filtration, dilution, sorption,and biodegradation) that can significantly improve the raw waterquality. This study of three drinking water utilities in the midwesternUnited States compared RBF with bench-scale conventionaltreatment for reduction of disinfection byproduct (DBP)precursors. A companion article published in the October 2003JOURNAL discussed the fate of DBP precursors and selectedmicroorganisms during RBF.River waters from the three sites were subjected to a treatmenttrain consisting of coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation,filtration, and ozonation. Data indicated that RBF performed aswell as or better than bench-scale conventional treatment withrespect to DBP precursor removal. Bench-scale treatment reducedtotal and dissolved organic carbon concentrations by 20 to 50%,whereas the water's subsurface travel to the closer wells at thethree sites resulted in reductions between 30 and 70%. Reductionsin precursor material for trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids,haloacetonitriles, haloketones, chloral hydrate, and chloropicrinwere in the range of 40 to 80% with bench-scale treatment and50 to 100% with RBF.With respect to removal of natural organic matter and DBPprecursors, RBF has the potential to provide significant benefits,comparable to those offered by conventional unit processes. AsRBF continues to gain popularity in the United States, one potentialmajor role for the process may be as a pretreatment step forDBP precursor control. Includes 38 references, tables, figures.

Keywords: Reduction; Filtration; Sedimentation; Surface Water; Natural Organic Matter; Microorganisms; Rivers; Coagulation; Pretreatment; Flocculation

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