CH-89-14-2 -- Dynamic Response and Seasonal Efficiency of Space Cooling in a Research House


T.S. Zawacki, Ph.D.; D.F. Foote; R.A. MacrissASHRAE / 1989 / 5 pages

The hourly dynamic response and seasonal energy consumption of an advanced, two-speed, electric central air conditioner were determined for a one-story house in Chicago, IL. The house had a living area of 1100 ft 2, was equipped with a forced-air distribution system, and was uninhabiteduring testing. At American Refrigeration Institute (ARI) rating conditions, the air conditioner supplied about 2 and 3 tons of cooling at low and high power inputs (compressor, condenser fan, controls, and central blower) of 2045 and 3655 watts, respectively. The rated EER and SEER values were 9.8 and 12.45, respectively.Instrumentation was utilized to obtain minute-by-minute electric energy consumption, delivered sensible and latent cooling of the air conditioner, and concurrent outdoor dry-bulb temperature, solar radiation, humidity, and wind speed and direction. Data were collected intermittently between July 5, 1986, and September 1, 1986, with the indoor temperature maintained at 70°F.Seasonal energy consumption was determined by the traditional approach, i.e., by first correlating energy consumption and outdoor temperature and then normalizing to a full season using long.term average bin weather data. Dynamic hourly response was established by evaluating graphical illustrations of hourly delivered cooling supplied and outdoor weather data.Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, vol. 95, pt. 1, Chicago 1989

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